Wow my music

About us

We invite your guests to relax and enjoy the most curated of musical selections by turning it into their vacation’s soundtrack.

Our Purpose

Create a unique musical experience with your guests in every touchpoint while making their stay memorable.

our commitment

Convert the music playing in your establishment into a service which suppers excellence all the while reinforcing your branding concept.

What we do

We supply tailored
music for all your hotel areas

We customize the music playing in your hotel by creating a distinct and best suited selection for every space. The tracks we select have been hand-picked according to the day of the week and hours. We use high quality of sound players that guarantee an uninterrupted reproduction, whether you are connected to the internet or not. And of course not, we don’t sound the same as all the rest of boutique hotels do.

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Music Curators

How we do it?

Our music selectors are experts in musical branding and neuromarketing who have acquired a broad range of experience selecting music for hotels and restaurants.

We perceive music as a service differentiator which provides a unique experience to customers while they interact in different spaces of the hotel. 

This selection, specifically crafted for every customer, originates from a previous study of every establishment’s target: nationality, age, type of traveler, average stay, and lifestyle. 

Get in touch

Write to us and we will make you a proposal according your branding strategy and valuing your space and type of client.

“The art of traveling is also an invitation to use our senses by which we can enjoy a completely unique travel experience. As such, music has gradually become an essential and indispensable part of the brand’s universe.”

Paula Gaila, CEO & Founder